A resource for Codius Smart Contract Hosting.

How I Help The Codius Community

ChainSmarts Apps

ChainsSmartsManager is the first application available to manage the life cycle of your Codius Hosting Service. It deploys, manages, updates, and destroys your Codius Hosts.

Future plans for ChainSmartsManager will include life cycle management for Rippled validators.

Sharing information about Codius and Smart Contracts.

This site is hoping to become a hub for the many projects related to Codius.

When useful resources are discovered they will added here.

See the resources section on this page for links to Codius, Xrp, Ripple, ILP, and Coil resources.

Want to Collaborate?

Jay Grissom

Software and Infrastructure Engineering, Website Development, Ad-Copy Writing, Technology Integration, and Cloud Engineering.

Maybe You?

Building something cool will take others who are interested in sharing too. Want to contribute your skills in some way? Feel free to contact me.


If you're interested in collaborating on Codius based projects please reach out to me on the Codius Chat Channel.

Codius Related Resources

ChainSmarts Manager

A free application that deploys and manages your Codius Hosting Service.

See the code...

Request a feature...

See the progress reports...


Authoritative places to learn more about the Interledger Protocol (ILP).

Visit the Interledger site...

See the code...

Ripple and XRP

Authoritative places to learn more about Ripple (the company) and XRP (the currency).

Visit the XRP site...

Visit the Ripple site...

See the xrp validator code...

XRP Blockchain Explorers

Use these to review any transaction on the XRP Blockchain. Simply enter an XRP public address into the search bar.

Bithomp has very detailed information on transactions. It's particularly good for payment channel details.



Codius Node Information

Interesting sites that share information about the codius nodes on the network.


Get in touch

If you're interested in contributing to the project please reach out to me on the Codius Gitter Chat Channel. I hang out there most days, and check in on it often.

To find me, I used the same picture on the chat that you see on this site in the about section. I connect as @jfgrissom_gitlab or @jfgrissom_github

I spend time on the reddit codius sub also. Join the conversation there or pm me at the "official" Jay Grissom reddit user account.