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Learn about the details you'll need to set up an XRPL test-net account, Codius Smart Contract host, and ILP enabled payment service.

Learn about all the things you'll need to setup prior to developing your own Codius Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications (DAPs).

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How Does This Site Help The Codius Community?

Smart Contract App Development

Currently there is work being done to experiment with different applications.

The goal is to see what kinds of applications the Codius community wants to use.

Sharing Smart Contract Information

Find resources for the Codius community and Smart Contract ecosystem here.

Discover resources here that share more about Codius, Xrp, Ripple, ILP, and Coil resources.

Content Aggregating or Generation

Uncover aggregating content that helps to educate others about smart contracts.

In scenarios where no content is available to explain a concept we'll create it and share it.

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Announcing a new XRP Developer Forum.

Posted by Jay Grissom on February, 21, 2019.

Announcing a new XRP Developer Forum.


Codius and XRP community resources.

Posted by Jay Grissom on November, 14, 2018.

Check out this blog post to see a listing of available resources for Codius and the XRP Community.