Announcing a new XRP Developer Forum.

Posted by Jay Grissom on February, 21, 2019.

Codius hosting took off... but where are the contracts?

New XRP Developer Forum

If we look closely at the moves that happened when Codius hosting took off we can see that there are plenty of people willing to create hosts to support smart contracts.

The problem is kind of like a chicken and egg. Without contracts you have no reason to host. Without hosts you can't create contracts.

This accounted for the sharp rise and fall of the number of Codius hosts. The XRP community came in full steam ahead for Coduis and to be honest it was probably too much of a good response.

Since then Codius development is continuing and now there is definitely a need for contract developers. I'm not sure if there is demand for them yet but if XRPL smart contracts are to take a life of there own there is a need for an XRPL developer forum.

What Sparked The Idea

I got the ideas to create a forum because the idea for and XRP Developer forum was mentioned on twitter.

Some folks have liked the idea but I have my doubts that there is really a "demand" for an XRP Developer Forum.

This entire project for me is a labor of love so I'm going to put a forum up and see what happens.

Potential Obstacles

I'm not sure that there is a real demand for this so the project will be a very (very very) niche thing.

Again there are some chicken and egg scenarios here. In order for XRPL based smart contracts to flourish there needs to be a thriving developer ecosystem. In order for there to be a thriving developer ecosystem there needs to be a supportive and nurturing environment for that ecosystem to grow.

Other Ecosystems

I've stepped away from developing for other ecosystems because the dev communities were extremely toxic and dogmatic. I've had experiences with asking questions in other communities that were so unwelcoming I was slack jawed with amazement.

I think we can create a much better experience for software engineers who want to build on Codius, XRPL, and ILP.

How You Can Help

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