What's happening next for Chainsmarts?

Posted by Jay Grissom on December, 25, 2018.

Here are the plans I have for this site...

Regarding Chainsmarts Manager

I'm taking some time to revise my original work on the Chainsmarts manager. I'm going to focus on the only hosting platforms that I think have a reasonable chance to generate a return (ROI) for people using the platform.

At the moment, any hosting platform which only supports nested virtualization on bare metal has to be eliminated from the application. This removes my favorite host (AWS) from the picture because it will literally cost thousands of USD per month to run a bare metal Codius host on AWS.

This does leave Digital Ocean and Google Cloud Platform to setup Codius with. My plan is spend some time learning these and making revisions in the application to accommodate these. I'll be starting with Digital Ocean.

Chainsmarts Platform

After finishing out the Codius host deployers for Digital Ocean and GCP, I'm taking this blog and attempting to figure out how to turn the entire site into a distributed platform.

What is the ChainSmarts Platform?

Chainsmarts Platform is an experimental content creation platform that integrates next generation technology that has come about from blockchain development.

Why is this being created aren't there enough content creation platforms out there already?

It's just an experiment to see if a content creation platform can be assembled from existing technology. If it turns out to be useful then fantastic. If not then it's an interesting experiment that can be used for this site.

What is the premise behind the platform?

I'm really just trying to answer these questions:

  1. Is it possible to assemble a full stack content delivery application from existing blockchain technologies?
  2. Can we use Civic for user identification?
  3. Can we combine that with Codius Smart contracts?
  4. Can we take those two things and persist the data they create with IPFS?
  5. Can we monetize all of it with Coil?
  6. Can we distribute the data needed to power the application with web torrent?

What would it take to build something that everyone could share (or self host) that used all of these properties?