Codius and XRP community resources.

Posted by Jay Grissom on November, 14, 2018.

The not so definitive list of lists...

ChainSmarts Manager

A free application that deploys and manages your Codius Hosting Service.


This is still a work in progress.


Authoritative places to learn more about the Interledger Protocol (ILP).

Ripple (Company)

Authoritative places to learn more about Ripple (the company).

XRPL Blockchain Explorers

Use these resources to explore transactions on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).


Use these to review any transaction on the XRP Blockchain. Simply enter an XRP public address into the search bar.

Bithomp has very detailed information on transactions. It's particularly good for payment channel details.

Codius Community Projects

Interesting sites and resources operated by other Codius enthusiasts.