Upcoming changes to chainsmarts.io.

Posted by Jay Grissom on October, 11, 2018.

Changing some things around here. Here is the list...

Integrating Chainsmarts Manager into this site.

I've been working on the Chainsmarts app in my spare time and after spending time on it I realize I just want to add it to this site.

So moving forward I'll have the feature built into this site.

I'm the moderator for r/Codius on reddit now.

John Mantus over at r/Codius was kind enough to make me a moderator on the Codius subreddit. I'll do my best to help out over there!

I think it's a good community.

Updating this site with GatsbyJs to make it easier to build apps into the site.

I've revised this site from a single page website to use GatsbyJS. It should be very fast so please feel free to ping me on Reddit if you have issues with this site.

Adding more AWS feature to the site.

I'm adding an automatic build pipeline for merges to the master branch.

I'm also setting up SSL and a Cloudfront distribution for this site too.

I hope you like the changes.